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Tiramisu Gourmet Cake

Tiramisu is one of the very famous Italian dessert. this dessert has many variations, the only constant ingredient being the mascarpone cheese. 
In traditional recipe made using egg. here i am using whipping cream instead of egg .Enjoy this gourmet cake recipe with your family and friends.


For Filling:
1.      30 savoiardi (lady fingers) biscuits
2.      1 cup mascarpone cheese
3.      1 cup heavy whipping cream
4.      4 tablespoon icing sugar
5.      1 tablespoon coffee syrup
6.      1/2 teaspoon chocolate essence (optional)
7.      1 tablespoon coco powder to dust

For Coffee Syrup:
1.      1/2 tablespoon strong coffee powder
2.      1 tablespoon sugar
3.      1/2 cup water
For Garnish:
1.      Grated white chocolate
2.      Black and white wafer chocolate stick (leftover)

1.      Take coffee syrup ingredients in a pan and boil it, leave to cool and set aside.
2.      In a mixing bowl, whisk mascarpone cheese with two tbsp of coffee syrup and three tbsp icing sugar than mix until blended.
3.      In another bowl, with a manual whisk, whisk the whipping cream and chocolate essence, one tbsp icing sugar until soft peak (do not over whip).
4.      Fold mascarpone mixture and whipping cream mixture together and mix well.
5.      A nice fluffy filling is ready :), set aside.
6.      Cut to lady fingers about 3" in length, save the leftover small pieces.
7.      Arrange the lady fingers line the sides of a 7" or 9" round spring form pan. (Do not dip them in the coffee syrup).
8.      Now gently dip the another lady finger in coffee syrup.
9.      Arrange the line of base pan and cover the base fully (here use left over lady finger pieces to fill the gape).
10.  Spoon over half of the filling, spread evenly.
11.  Repeat with another layer of lady finger and remaining filling.
12.  Spread filling very smooth the top and refrigerate for at least 6 hours, best left overnight.
13.  Unmold the cake and dust the top with cocoa powder.
14.  Decorate with grated white chocolate and leftover black and white chocolate cut in small piece and arrange same like picture.

* Remove the mascarpone cheese from the refrigerator early enough and Whip it vigorously until very soft

* Dip the ladyfingers in the coffee very fast. Don’t let the lady finger biscuits absorb too much liquid or they may become too soft and mushy.

* If you don't have a spring form pan, you can use a normal baking round pan with a large sheet of aluminum foil and Give allowance of about 1~2 inches for the foil to hang over the rim of the pan.Place a cake board inside the lined pan. 

* To unmold, simply lift up the cake from the pan by gripping the foil. Transfer the cake onto a serving plate and carefully remove the foil. 

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Jill Colonna said...

Absolutely stunning and love the garnish, too!

Curry and Comfort said...

Wow.. this is fantastic! Very beautiful cake.

Adora's Box said...

Very, very pretty. I don't like eating raw eggs as well so this is a really good recipe for me to follow.

Carolyn said...

That is truly a gorgeous cake!

Torviewtoronto said...

deliciously done Daksha a favourite cake in our home too wonderful presentation

Anonymous said...

Looks great and yummy!!

Peggy said...

this looks so delicious!

Ringo-chan said...

Wow that looks amazing. I just want to skip the fork and dive in!
Great job!

Jay said...

I love how delicious n pretty it re really talented dear..
Tasty Appetite

Manu said...

Wow! Look at that presentation!!! It looks FANTASTIC Daksha! Well done my friend!!! :-)

Sushma Mallya said...

Looks so delicious!

Nami @ Just One Cookbook said...

Yes! I'm so glad you cut the cake and showed us the inside. Winner! Looks so delicious. I should be eating thin slice but probably hard to do so by looking at this cake! xP


That is simply stunning!

aipi said...

Absolutely delectable ~ I could eat that whole thing! :)
US Masala

Daksha said...

Thank you so much my friends for ur lovely words and appreciating this tiramisu cake.

Suman Singh said...

Wow..that is one delicious and gorgeous looking tiramsiu..I'll definately have a slice!!

Manu said...

Dear Daksha... I have another award waiting for you here: Come pick it up! :-))))

Tiffany said...

This is not a cake! It's a work of art!

Happy When Not Hungry said...

Wow this cake is beautiful!! I love the lady's fingers around the edge of the cake too. Looks delicious!

Beth Michelle said...

Wow this is beautiful, you did such an amazing job on this cake. I love Tiramisu, this looks just wonderful.

Lilla said...

Usually tiramisu is good but not so beautiful as yours! Brava!

kankana said...

you know how many times I made Tiramisu .. I am just addicted to it .. completely :)

Jagruti જાગૃતિ said...

hI Daksha
thank you very much for wonderful words at my too have lovely place and recipes here..Beautiful and yummyyyyyyyy cake ! let's see often each other..:0)

Cakewhiz said...

using lady finger biscuits in a cake is a a great idea! your cake looks very elegant and tasty!

Christine's Pantry said...

Wow! This is fantastic! Love the cake. Yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Daksha said...

Thank u so much manu for nominating my blog. I’m really very honored to receive such an amazing award! …

Daksha said...

Thank u so much all my friends for stopping by my space, appreciating the tiramisu.
Have a g8 Week ahead.

purabi naha said...

Hey Daksha, you are a fantastic cook. Look at the Tiramisu cake, truly, a majestic one!

Kelli said...

It's a triple decker tiramisu flower! I love it. =)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Dont have words! :D Am sure it was yumm..

Jody said...

On a side note, how much should I expect to pay for a delicious cake like this one at a pastry shop?

Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny said...

What a gorgeous cake, this looks so delicious!! :)

Elyse @The Cultural Dish said...

This is so beautiful! There is nothing like a delicious tiramisu!

Sandra said...

Very pretty cake Daksha you did a great job.

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