Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Veggie Burger (Indian Style)

1.            Burger buns
2.            1 cup grated carrots
3.            1/2 cup grated potatoes
4.            1/2 cup chopped bell peppers
5.            1/2 cup crushed peas
6.            1 teaspoon green chili paste
7.            1/2 teaspoon  garam masala
8.            1 teaspoon lime juice
9.            3 tablespoon bread crams
10.        2 tablespoon chopped cilantros
11.        Salt to taste
12.        1 white onion thinly sliced
13.        2 tomato thinly sliced
14.        4 tablespoon mayonnaise or sour cream
15.        cheddar cheese sliced
16.        Lettuce leaves
17.        Butter or oil for shallow fry
18.        Tomato sauce


1.            Take microwave safe bowl combine grated potato, carrot, bell pepper, peas, and  3/4 cup or required water.
2.            In microwave cook about 7-8 minutes or until mixture is dry and cooked nicely.
3.            After cool the mixture add bread crams, coriander, green chili paste, garam masala   powder and salt. Mix well.
4.            Divide into equal portions and shape each portion into a 1/2" thick round patty or cutlets.
5.            In a Pan add oil or 1/2 tsp butter and shallow fry the patty, till look brown and little crispy.
6.            Place each burger lightly toast now place a 1-2 lettuce leaves and 1 tsp mayonnaise or sour cream on the lower half of the bun.
7.            Place the patty, tomato sauce, onion, cheese, tomato slices and lettuce leaves over it.
8.            Cover with the remanding half of the bun and press it lightly.
9.            Serve immediately.
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Medeja said...

This one Im still planning to make :) Sounds like a good thing :)

Vruti Shah said...

Hii Daksha.. I completely agree burger is such a simple recipe to make... Foodies' Fun

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