Sunday, December 19, 2010

Salted peanuts in Microwave (Khari sing)

1)      2 cups Peanuts (Shelled)
2)      1/2 tablespoon salt or your taste
3)      1 tablespoon water + 2 cups water
4)      Microwave safe bowl
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1)      Take 2 cups water and add in peanuts leave for 1 minute (don't live more time otherwise shelled come out).
2)      Drain all water than add salt and 1 tbsp water mix well.
3)      Leave peanuts about 20 minutes. After every 5 minutes tossed well.
4)      Now cook in microwave high temperature about 6 minutes.
5)      Tossed after every 1 minutes than cool about 30 minutes.
6)      Store air tight container.
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Polly Motzko said...

These look really yummy. You might want to put that you use unsalted peanuts for the recipe so people won't end up with ones that are too salty.

I love the microwave. You can do so much with one if you just read books that specialize in microwave cooking.
Thanks for sharing your unusual and great recipe!

If you ever want to share any more, you can join my blog called "Cooking Up A Storm All Over The world!" at:

Polly Motzko

Anonymous said...

Thanks Polly for your comments , Sure I will join your blog and will share my recipes ...

Unknown said...

Great test i Like it, i will using this idea in my small business,

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