Monday, December 20, 2010

Moong Dal Burfi

Moong Dal Halwa is a Rajasthani North Indian sweet, usually prepared in winters. 
It’s very appetizing and tastes great during cold winter evenings.
Here i make Moong dal Burfi.
1.      1/2 cup yellow moog dal (Split skinless moog lentils)
2.      1/2 cup ghee
3.      1 cup milk
4.      3/4 cup sugar
5.      1 tablespoon nuts
6.      1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder
1.      Wash the moog dal and soak it in water for 4 to 5 hours.
2.      Take out the moog dal from water and grind it, without water.
3.      Make smooth paste if required add little water.
4.      Heat the ghee in pan (use nonstick pan) add in moog paste, then stir on medium flame in 15 to 20 minutes. Cooked properly.
5.      Properly cooked moog dal paste doesn’t stick to the pan and you can see the ghee getting separated from paste.
6.      Paste is cooked now, put milk and cook on low flame.
7.      Add sugar cardamom and cook until ghee come out.
8.      Take out halwa in greased plate and spread, add nuts.
9.      Let it cool completely cut it into cubes or diamond shape and serve.

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kitchenmorph said...

i'm so excited...i've been looking for ways to feed my girl some dal and she likes sweets. thank you.

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Daksha said...

Thanks Kitchenmorp for your comments , yes can try this recipe to feed some dal to your little angle if she like sweets , you may reduce sugar if required .

Anonymous said...

Hi , I would like to know if it's okay to use moong dal flour ??
trying to save time :)

Daksha said...

Yes u can. For me it's difficult to find moong flour here.

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