Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade Butter

Butter is made with cream. Cream and butter made from a buffalo's milk is whiter compared to the cream and butter from cow's milk. Buffalo milk contains more fat so you can get more cream and butter per litre milk compared to cow's milk. if you are in India you will get buffalo's milk or cow milk and you can make cream. but for we people its difficult to get fresh Milk and what milk we bought from supermarket are homogenized so you can not separate the cream from the milk.If you have some unused cream or if you found and bought at the supermarket, going very cheap, you can make butter at home. 
Heavy 100% Whipping Cream (I Prefer Formost brand in thailand)
1 teaspoon yogurt 

1. Mix the cream and yogurt, then leave warm place about 5 to 6 hours.
2. Now mix with hand blander and whisk.
3. After 5 to 7 min your butter and buttermilk is separate.
4. Add 2 - 4 cube ice in this mixture it's help to butter come out easily.
5. Save the butter in a sealed container in the fridge.  

# Note: 
some time my whipping cream get expire so than i make it butter
 If your whipping cream get expire than put your cream in frozen section.
* Second day take it out and take it at room temperature than you see your butter and butter milk are separate.
* Add 2 - 3 cube ice and your butter is easily come out

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Peggy said...

Great tip! Thanks for posting!

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That is so cool!! Thanks for sharing.

The Mom Chef said...

Outstanding tips. Many thanks.

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Thank you!!

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