Sunday, December 21, 2014

Angled Beans Salad

1.      15 to 20 angled beans
2.      1/4 cup roasted skinless peanuts
3.      2 spur thai chilies  
4.      2 cloves garlic
5.      1 tablespoon soya sauce mild
6.      1 teaspoon palm sugar or brown sugar
7.      Salt to taste
8.     2 teaspoon lime juice
1.      Wash the beans and trim off the ends than slice into thin.
2.      In moral and pestle add garlic and chilies, pound till broken up.
3.      Now add peanut and palm sugar than pounded.
4.      In bowl mix everything except for the soya sauce, salt and lemon juice.
5.      Sprinkle some pounded peanut on top.
6.      Enjoy!!     
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Unknown said...

This looks so interesting! I haven't made this version of salad before...looks delicious!
Happy New Year!

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