Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Salty Lassi, Masala chash or Butter milk

The traditional lassi is a salty yogurt drink which has a thicker consistency as compared to buttermilk.
It can be savored with various spices and ingredients, but it almost always includes ground cumin powder and salt.Salty lassi is not only extremely easy and quick to make but also very refreshing and cooling to beat the heat of summer.
1.      2 cups yogurt
2.      1/4 teaspoon salt
3.      1/8 teaspoon black salt
4.      1/4 teaspoon roasted cumin seeds powder
5.      1/8 teaspoon black pepper powder
6.      1 cup chilled water
7.      fresh coriander leaves hand full
8.      Ice cube
1.      Add yogurt and water in blender than blend for one minute.
2.      Add all ing. and mix well.
3.      Garnish with a sprinkle of cumin powder and finely chopped coriander.
4.      Add iced and serve chilled.
Note: if you can add more water Than it's become chash or butter milk.
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Our Eyes Eat First said...

i love lassis period. salty, sweet, plain or mango!

cakewhiz said...

i love lassis too... especially during the summer. my favorite has to be mango but i like the basic salty one too!

briarrose said...

Lovely spices. Yum!

Manu said...

I have never had salty lassi, but I am sure it is refreshing!! I love the spice mix you used! :-)

Torviewtoronto said...

flavourful lassi looks delicious

kankana said...

I feel like making a glass for me right now. I always enjoy salty lassi more than sweet ones.. have to make this weekend .. hope it's sunny otherwise can't enjoy :)

Daksha said...

Thank you so much for liking the lassi to all my wonderful blogger Friends...!!!

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