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Chorafali Fafda with Pudina chutney

Chorafali or cholafali fafda is central Gujarat’s (India) very famous snack. This snack is specialty of “Nagar”(one very famous gujarati cast) community, they prepares at home. but now day is very famous and favorite street food, Not only in Gujarat but also people of other part of India like this snack. ‘chola’ or ‘chora’ means Cowpea Beans, this snack is made of some cowpea and bangal gram flour, people can use substituted of cowpea  as black lentil or moong lentil. This recipe I learned from my neighbor before my marriage and I never try after that. So this I prepare after seven years and it’s come out very nice so recipe is here…               
For pudina chutney:
1.      1/2 cup yogurt
2.      1/2 cup bengal gram flour
3.      1/2 cup water 
4.      1/2 cup mint leaves
5.      1/4 cup coriander leaves
6.      1 green chilli
7.      1 small piece of ginger
8.      1 teaspoon oil
9.      1/8 teaspoon asafetida
10.  Sat to taste
11.  1/4 teaspoon black salt  
1.      Combine flour, yogurt and water and whisk well.
2.      Grind mint, coriander, chilli and ginger and make smooth past.
3.      Heat the oil in sauce pan, add asafetida and yogurt mixture.
4.      Whisk and cook 2 minutes or until mixture is thick.
5.      Add salt, black salt and 3 tablespoon mint mixture and mix well.
6.      Serve this mint chutney with chorafali.
For seasoning:
1.      1 teaspoon red chili powder
2.      1 teaspoon black salt
·        Mix well and keep aside. 

Ingredients For Chorafali :
1.      1.1/4 cup bengal gram flour
2.      1/4 cup black lentil flour
3.      1 tablespoon oil
4.      1/8 cup lukewarm water
5.      Pinch of soda bi-carbonate
6.      Salt to taste
7.      1/2 cup lukewarm water
8.      1/2 cup oil
9.      Oil for deep frying

Ingredients 2 For Chorafali:
1.      1 cup bengal gram flour
2.      1/4 cup mung lentil flour
3.      1/4 cup cowpea lentil flour
4.      1/4 cup black lentil flour
5.      1/4 cup turkish gram flour (moth/muth or mooth beans flour)
6.      2 tablespoon oil
7.      1/2 cup lukewarm water
8.      1/4 teaspoon soda bi-carbonate
9.      Salt to taste
10.  1/2 cup lukewarm water
11.  1/2 cup oil
12.  oil for deep frying

1.      Combine the flours and sieve together in one large bowl.
2.      Add oil to the flour mixture and mix well.
3.      Take 1/4 cup lukewarm water (if you go with second ing. That time take 1/2 cup water) than add salt and soda, mix well.
4.      Add this water in flour mixture and make stiff dough.
5.      The dough should be not very stiff and not very soft. If the dough is not very tight and cracker add little flour.
6.      Now take 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup oil, grease your palm one by one with oil and water and knead, fold and beat the dough until 5 to 7 minutes. (If you go with first ing. that time rest the dough for 4 to 5 hours and again knead the dough for 5 minutes).
7.      Repeat this process until dough is soft and light (don’t use all 1/2 cup oil and water).
8.      Divide the dough in equal lemon size balls.
9.      Again knead the ball and roll out on a floured surface into a very thin circle.(don’t roll very thin or thick, if you roll out very thin it’s not blowing and if you roll out very thick its not crispy).
10.  Cover all cholafali roti in kitchen towel and rest for 1 hour (If you go with second ing. not  need rest).  
11.  Heat the oil for deep frying, cut out long strips off the cholafali roti.
12.  Deep fry strips in medium heat, remove from oil.
13.  Sprinkle the seasoning masala. Serve with pudina chutney.
14.  Store in air tight container.
·        Traditionally chorafali dough is grease with oil and lukewarm water than beat with pestle, until the dough is soft and light but here I use less quantity that’s why I knead.
·        Chorafali dough is very stiff and kneading, beating and folding the dough is must otherwise fali (strips) are not puffed out well and  u can’t rolling very thin roti.
·        Don’t add more oil or water in dough otherwise final result is not good.
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